Monday, March 22, 2010

McFatty Monday

I'm not so awesome this week. Sorry Blair. :P

I'm up three pounds. GASP. I knew I would be the same or up a little. Was not quite prepared to see three pounds on that scale though. Let me count the ways I knew I would be up. I ate like crap this weekend, for the most part and I ate too much. I was perpetually hungry for some reason. I'm constipated and retaining water. Why? Probably because I'm too sore to even move much less use the bathroom and my body is retaining.

Why am I so sore? Because we worked in the box garden all weekend trying to beat the rain. We got all six boxes cleared of weeds and winter debris. Three of them turned, tilled and planted. One more turned and ready to till. The other two are waiting to be turned and tilled. I'm hoping to have the entire thing planted next weekend. On top of that? We thought it would be a good idea to be frisky in the sack all weekend and "work those sore muscles out." OW. Ever heard women say they couldn't walk after sex? Yea. That was me last night. I was curled naked in a fetal position because I couldn't straighten my legs back out. My darling husband was laughing at me. Thanks honey.

Today I'm walking like my hips have been broken and are in casts...little tiny steps, stiff as board. It's very attractive. ::chugs water::

So Blair asks:
Is there anything that this McFatty journey has taught you about yourself?? Maybe that it is okay to only take one handful of M&M’s or that you actually LIKE running?

The journey has taught me that I do have the confidence, fortitude and will power to lose weight. It has also taught me to keep at it no matter how many times I fall off the horse. I can do this, even if I have to take a few steps backward along the way. Never give up and take it in small goals. I didn't gain all this weight at once, so I can lose it in small steps too.

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  1. You are AWESOME. Also, total water weight. I ALWAYS gain after I do something insane like build a freakin' garden (because, you know, I do that all the time).

    I read an article that said never to worry about 3 lbs up. If it gets to 4 lbs up, then you start cutting back. It made sense to me!