Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pink Jeans and Skinny Dreams

You know that pair of "skinny" jeans you keep in your closet for inspiration? Everyone has a pair. Maybe its a pencil skirt or a pair of booty shorts but everyone has something in their closet that is too small that they keep so they can "get back into it."

I have a few of those items. I've always been a big girl. Different phases of my life I've been different weights from thin to obese. And while my inspiration jeans aren't the smallest weight I've ever been they are the comfortable weight from when I was single. My college weight, when I was ready to graduate and had left behind that horrible grunge look and discovered a good pair of jeans with a tight butt and flared legs over a sexy pair of black high heeled boots. I was discovering a new grown-up world and changed my look to go with it. I had a leapord print silk jacket and big bracelets. It's only been a decade and that is already coming back into style. Go figure. I guess we've run out of designer inspiration.

I have four specific things to judge my weight by. Those tight flared leg jeans that I couldn't even button for the past six years, a pair of pale pink jeans that I haven't worn since right after I got married (3 1/2 years ago), a denim pencil skirt with an open seam to mid-thigh on the front (risque!), and a pair of black denim jeans with whisker lines on the thighs.

I've been putting off dealing with clothes. I've lost enough weight that my jeans are falling off of me but the one pair of dress pants that had gotten too tight, fit excellently (okay, a little too big but not falling off). I did not want to go shopping and try to figure out what size I was because I would be dissappointed if I hadn't lost enough to go down a size.

My friend A texted me yesterday and said she could finally get in her size smaller jeans. I was so excited for her and my "skinny" jeans popped in my head. I bit the bullet and drug them out of the back of the armoire. I was shocked when they slid over my hips with no problem. Hope sprang anew in my breast.

They BUTTONED AND ZIPPED with no problem! I went bouncing into the livingroom to show off my new jeans that actually make my ass look good (since I dont really have one). My husband laughed at me. So the jeans are a tiny bit tight still to wear sitting down much but I can wear them! So I dove into my closet to see what else fit. EVERYTHING FIT! The pink jeans, the pencil skirt, the black jeans. They all fit extremely well actually. Only the one pair is still too tight.

I couldn't believe it! Some of my dress clothes that were too tight for me to be comfortable in all fit again. I went shopping in my closet ya'll! and it was amazing. I used to have such good quality clothes that they all are in great condition. Albeit a little dated but great condition. I even called my sister because I know she has some clothes a bit smaller that I can aim for next. I'm going shopping in her storage area next weekend. LOL

So yes, I have new clothes. New from a decade ago, and I will rock those pink jeans. I will wear them till my heart is content because I lost enough weight to get into them. As much as it brings me joy, I also must admit that I feel I need to enjoy them as much as possible because if we succeed in getting pregnant, I won't be wearing them for long!

So break out those out of date pink skinny jeans and cover your thinner butts. ROCK THEM OUT and smile when the youngun's look at you funny because you know something they don't know. In ten years, they will be wishing they could squeeze into thier favorite jeans again too, style be damned.


  1. Way to go! What a great feeling :)

  2. Rock the pink jeans! I'm proud of you. :)

  3. Woohoo! That is AWESOME, you rock! :)