Monday, March 15, 2010

McFatty Monday

It's that time again, the one thing I've been consistent on: McFatty Monday Check in With Blair.

I must confess: I still have not started working out! Even the walking and yoga my Dr. wanted me to do to help manage my anxiety. I'm a big fat failure. Part of the reason: I got sick. Seriously, to the point of missing work. Sinus congestion, sore throat, fever, head pressure. The works. It's hard enough to breathe without working out. So its an excuse, but it does have merit.

I was shocked when I got on the scale this morning. I still lost weight! My plateau is gone! and those numbers are shrinking! TWO MORE POUNDS.

TOTAL: THIRTY-FOUR pounds. 34. THIRTY.FOUR! Holy crap. I went to my mom's and sister's this past weekend and rifled through their clothes to find some things that fit me a little better. Some of my clothes are really bagging on me right now. The Hubster is encouraging me to go get some new pants but I'm trying to hold out for these least fifteen pounds...well, make that 13 pounds now. That's the first goal I want to get to before treating myself.

Blair's questions this week:

How are you feeling about yourself these days, a few months into a healthier lifestyle? Are you sick of me asking you questions yet?
I'm feeling really good about my weightloss. Proud of myself and in control. Nope, I love the questions. They focus me and give me hope for one more week.

As far as food & exercise – how are those going?
I think I'm doing good on my food choices and proportions still. I did drink some Mountain Dew this week: but only about 2 ounces...ONCE. The carbonation felt good on my chapped throat. First time in over a month that I've had any.

Are you a bikini girl or a one-piece? Tankini? Is just talking about this getting you as excited for the beach as it is me?!?!
I'm a one piece girl though I have rocked a tankini on occasion. My stomach is too roly-poly to show mid-driff anymore. I don't do the beach, but I do have an inground pool and I'm getting excited about it this year.


  1. 34 lbs!!! HOLY CRAP.

    You amaze me weekly. & I hear you on the exercise - I'm trying to look at it as "medicine" for my anxiety over any other health benefits.

    So I'm bringing my sneakers to work & walking at lunch. In my business attire. NERD ALERT.

  2. Just wanted to say GO GIRL!!! 34 that is AWESOME!!! Keep it up and just think if you do hit the plateau again just add in some exercise even a little will help!