Friday, June 19, 2009


No, that's not my temperature this morning. That is my post number. I can not believe I am over the 100 mark. Who knew (obviously not me till I went to post this morning!)
My temperature was yet again, 97.7. Wonkiest thing I've seen since charting. I'm on day 60 but according to FF only 9 dpo (I still say I O'd the day before FF claims but that would still only be 10 dpo). Based on my previous ovulation my LP was 12 days so I'm looking for AF to arrive Monday.
The day has come. The day I have dreaded and looked forward to for a month and a half. Multiple closing day where I have to drive all over NC (the triad area) to close two properties, three sides of a transaction. (and then there is jackass who wants to do an offer today) Here is my schedule:

8:15am-Get ass off computer and get dressed for the day.
9am -Clean out car so signs will fit in it (which requires getting all loose paperwork up so it doesn't fly out since I have to put the convertible top down to be able to get the big signs in my car since I couldn't take DH's SUV today as there is something wrong with
9:15-Leave house in High Point to go to Closing
10:00am Downtown Greensboro Closing
11:00am Pick up sign and lockbox from Greensboro Property and return it to office.
Spend 30 minutes at office faxing signed huds and submitting paperwork.
12:00 Drive 1 1/2 hours to Pinnacle, NC to let Greensboro client into house she is purchasing with funds from house she just sold.
12:30-1 Meet Sarah for lunch
2:30-20 minute drive to King to Attorney's to Close previously mentioned Pinnacle House (whose sellers are also my clients).
3:30-Drive 30 minutes to Mount Airy to put offer in on house for jackass.
4:30-Hopefully pick up checks from King Attorney as well as lock boxes and sign from Volunteer house
5:00-Drive on major highway in rush hour-an hour 1/2 (probably 2 given traffic through Winston) back to Greensboro Office. Submit paperwork. ( I will have to pick up checks from Greensboro closing on Monday as they will be closed by the time I return to town. BOO
Spend about an hour at the office closing up loose ends on these accounts.
Hopefully get home by 8pm. This is a conservative estimate. It will probably take longer to do all this.
Did I mention that it is supposed to be 96 degrees and sunny all day? I will be driving around in a convertible with signs sticking out of my non-existent back seat in a business suit. Yea, I'm going to burn the hell up today. I despise business suits, I really do. (and high heels). Whoever thought up the idea that Real Estate agents should wear business suits when they have to drag signs around and hammer posts in the ground and walk around yards especially during the summer were seriously demented. Thank god, most of my clients don't care when I show up in jeans when we are doing marathon showing days, but for meetings in attorney's office I follow protocol. Bastards. (and in the past few days my language has really taken a turn for the worst. Yikes).

Dear sweet Angel Baby,
Your future mommy is slightly neurotic, a little bit OCD, and very much foul mouthed at the moment. Don't you worry sweet child of mine, because this only means you will have an extreme amount of love, a really clean room, and you will hate the line "Do as I say, not as I do." You will be happy, healthy, and loved though. I promise. People all over the world may want babies, but your Daddy and Me, we want YOU. We know you are up there waiting to inhabit those cluster of cells, someway somehow. I'm working this hard for you, for our future, for a family. You are welcome to join us any time you and God feel your ready, but baby, please make it soon. There are a whole bunch of people down here waiting on you (and like your momma you like to make a late entrance, I understand, I really do).
Your Future (currently stressed out) Momma.


  1. I guess I don't get to play with you today :( I hope it all goes smoothly.
    oh, and AWWWW tears in my eyes. That sweet baby will be yours someday, somehow (if that means I have to crawl up in your ute, so be it. Was that weird and creepy enough for you?) Smooches!

  2. Lunch with me!?? If I could only be so lucky! I hope you survive the day with minimal asshatery.

    And future baby o' buck, yes, please listen to your mommy and hurry up.