Sunday, June 14, 2009

Baby Stalkage: Movie Review

Not to give credit to Ms. Courtney, the poster previously mentioned who believed babies were stalking her (which in all honestly was a very bad attempt to humor on her part...hey we all can't be witty in writing), I do have a similar tale to tell (without all the paranoia and over dramatized stalker bits).

You know how you try to be a little unique but up on the times but you end up falling into an overdone trend without realizing it (basically because we are too busy trying to keep up AND be original that we fail on powers of observation). I am a total victim of that. My friends and family have joked for YEARS that there is a satellite trained on me to snatch every thought from my head as soon as I have it and turn it into a major trend. Example: I wanted to be different so I bought a YELLOW mustang (versus the ever popular black, white and red). Before I knew it, every where I turned there is a yellow mustang. I started gardening using the Box method, and now everyone is talking about that being the best method. I could go on forever.

This is what I think dear Courtney was trying to express. When we become focused on something so heavily we see it everywhere. In her case: smiling, cooing, adorable babies. During my wedding, I know it seemed there was a barrage of wedding movies coming out, wedding shows, wedding this, wedding that. Now that I'm trying so hard to have a family: baby movies, baby shows, OMGwouldtheworldjustleavemetosufferinpeace!

Ofcourse, faced with this barrage of media stimuli I torture myself by CHOOSING to watch it. The most recent? BABY ON BOARD starring Heather Graham. While she is not in the least one of my favorite actresses she can be rather humorous so I gave it a try. As a relationship movie: B-. As a Baby movie: FAIL. The movie was really nothing to do with the baby but a bunch of whiney successful career minded deceitful cheating brats. He did this, friend consults for revenge and upper hand (who is completely off base), retaliation, vice versa, etc. NO ONE COMMUNICATES. UGH. Ofcourse the bitter bitch rears her ugly head and I'm going "how do self involved people like this get to have children and NOT WANT THEM because their CAREER is taking off and I don't." (It lasted all of 3 seconds literally.) As a cheesy B movie, it had a few funny moments. Acting was decent, had a decent cast. You won't be missing anything if you wait till its on the ONE dollar rental table though.

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