Friday, June 5, 2009


I have taken this limbo in between time to really focus on my health and try to drop some poundage because I know an RE is going to demand it be so. This week has been extremely productive in working out routinely and addressing my calorie intake and problem areas. However, at this point, I need to make note that I am absolutely SICK of broccoli. I swear I have eaten more veggies this week then ever before, but broccoli is the one flavor that is standing out the most. I brought steamed broccoli, rice and chicken leftovers for lunch today and with every bite I come close to puking.

I know this shit is good for me, but my goodness, someone give me a brownie STAT. I am a Southern girl, damn it and that requires fried foods, gravy and biscuits not this brown rice and broccoli cardboard. Why the hell do you people think we held onto our corsets and hoop skirts long after the city folks went to more slim lined looks? Its not only because we look fabulous sitting on a veranda sipping sweet tea, it was to hold the fried gravy soaked fat rolls in place and prohibit us from eating anything more. Where is grandma's corset when you need it? Blubber wasn't the only reason Ishmael hunted whales. The Southern state trade was very lucrative in corset boning!

DAMN modern times and thier fashion pressures. *wink*


  1. *drooling* Mmmmmmmmmmmm brownie.

  2. No Pudge brownie mix! It's actually really good! You're doing great, I'm proud of you!