Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weekend AT LAST

"At Last, my love has come along." ::singing::

The day from Hell is OVER! (well not officially as I have to work Monday morning and finish things up to get paid). The closings are done, paperwork is signed, offer is signed, and clients are happy and settled. While the day wore me out in every way (mentally, physically, and emotionally), it is over. I can move on. I can try to find some level of normalcy and happiness to get my body back in kilter. What could have possibly been so bad? I overdosed on Coffee. Don't laugh, its true. 96 degree weather and putting over 400 miles on my car running around, takes a toll so I was downing coffee like it was water. Which ofcourse its not, and unlike water, it makes you dehydrated after so much of it. I spent over 12.00 on coffee: Two giant triple shot frappicino's, One Monster Java Bean Energy coffee, one cup of coffee here at home and several mountain dews thrown in there. What the hell was I thinking?

This is how you know you have drank too much coffee: YOUR PEE SMELLS LIKE COFFEE! Disgusting I know. You also don't pee very much at a time and feel very bloated. And when you crash, you crash hard but only sleep for an hour before you are tossing and turning enough to slide the bed 2 feet across the floor. You wake up with a coffee hangover which includes a headache, gritty eyes and starving to death. Fun times.

In other news, you will never guess what my temperature this morning was, wait for it, yea, you guessed it: 97.7. WTF. Am I to think that no matter what kind of night I have, what I do the day before, what time I wake up, my temp is forever 97.7 now? Tell me that is not the most bizarre chart you have ever seen in your life. I dare you.

Today is going to be fun though, which means it will fly by. Since losing THE JOB I loved and adored several years ago and learning to live on a budget and then further cutting that budget when Real Estate went into the toilet, I have very rarely allowed myself to shop for me. Once you quit wearing designer clothes and buying expensive handbags and shoes, and adjust to life at Walmart (okay not really, I despise Walmart) instead of Macy's, it's very hard to go back to Macy's. Why? Because you see that yes while the pattern and material and stitching are better for 95.00, you get the same look for 15.00 and don't feel bad about throwing it out the next year when the fashion changes. You also don't buy enough clothes to wear something new every day for a month, you scale that back to a week. What will REALLY change your life forever, learn to sew. When you MAKE the ultra trendy top that is identical to Macy's with superior stitching and material for less then 10.00 dollars (even though you have two broken nails, 8 hours of time, and several needle pricks in your fingers) you realize, wow consumerism SUCKSASS. I'm all about contributing to our economy, but sometimes I prefer to do it via the fabric store versus the overpriced snotty retail outlet.
The point to all this, is I haven't shopped for new clothes in AGES. Since atleast a year and a half ago when DH gave me a gift card to Old Navy. My clothes are wearing out, I don't have time to sew, and damn it I deserve a small trip. I still can't bring myself to hop over to Macy's but I will be hitting up Old Navy, Cato's and Target. Sarah is coming down (I know its not S, I wish you and R and Steph and A and EVERYONE could come) and shopping with me and we have appointments for pedicures at 4. The problem is I have a gift certificate for the pedicure but now I can't find it. UGH. It's not a big deal if I can't, because I can always use it for another one in a few weeks, but the point is I HAVE IT and have been waiting to use it for months and NOW I CAN"T FIND IT! UGH.
Anyway, I don't know if I've grown up or just changed my way of thinking from past necessity because I used to have really bad Champagne tastes but now, not so much. Things just don't seem so important to me anymore. DOING and taking pride in what I accomplished and how much money I've saved whether it be canning fresh grown veggies or sewing a fabulous new shirt or keeping a really clean house (which is not the case at the moment), I enjoy that more than BUYING items now. All that matters is providing a healthy home for a family (that I can't seem to have). Maybe I was born in the wrong decade. I would have made a GREAT SAHM mom in the 40's. For today, I'm going to enjoy a day of shopping as if Sarah and I were 18 again and didn't have houses, kids, jobs etc. SQUEE


  1. Yay it's over! You deserve some papering, enjoy it!

  2. I agree with Steph, you definitely deserve a day of shopping and pretty toes! One of these days we'll all get together. We've got to make that happen.