Friday, June 12, 2009

I have Issues

Issues with McDonald's Gravy biscuits. They are so yummy in their sawmill sausage peppered goodness with a bazillion calories. I despise fast food, but I LOVE breakfast food and well, McD's had me at Gravy.

I very rarely allow myself this pleasure but in my anxiety yesterday I did. This morning when DH took the last granola bar AND my last poptart as well as the debit card, I took the fact that I had 4 dollars in my purse as a sign that I could indeed provide myself with breakfast on the way to work. The impatient Buckin actually sat in a 12 car line at the McDonald's drive through for a gravy biscuit and it was GOOOODDDDDD!

I absolutely can not have another one, until Fall. It is one of the few foods that I could create an addiction to. I contribute about 10 lbs to breakfast foods from a job I had 5-6 years ago. When you have to be at work before sun up to unlock the place and the only thing between home and work is a McDonalds and Biscuitville, yea, they know you by name. Le sigh.

This week has just been bad all the way around for my healthy lifestyle. Shoulder injury, fast food, not working out, stormy weather creating lazy me every evening on the sofa with a Sookie Stackhouse novel. Thank goodness for a weekend and hopefully a productive crazy short week next week.

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