Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Courtney?

courtney.wells of Texas contributed this gem to BOTB today. Her original post was wether to BD (for those with brains that is sex) if an OPK line turned dark on that night. It went down hill from there. The thing is, most of these posts become entertaining because people get bent out of shape and keep posting idiotic things Like this follow up post:

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Great, thanks... you guys were awesome. and i am a big girl. I don't care if you can google me or read my facebook. I am from I was so kindly reminded of.... and in Texas we revere our "religion and weapons" or so I have heard so I am not worried if someone can find my address. I live in the damn country so if they can find it more power to em....

I have read the f'n instructions on everything 60 thousand times. I just had a 15 weeks. Everything we are trying to do to conceive right now I am second guessing because we are going on cycle 6 and still nothing. I didn't have trouble getting pregnant with my son so I am not an idiot ....I mostly just needed some support and a little affirmation.

But thanks anyway all have made my day.

Really? Wow. Since when does being from TEXAS (not just Texas ya'll but TEXAS) mean you have religion and guns that keep you safe? Did she sneak off the the Yearning for Zion Ranch just to post to our humble message board? Not to mention her pity stories (and we know they are stories since she had a blog and then later deleted that blog and felt the need to elaborate on the stories (take my word for it, big ole mess).

I really hate that I missed what apparently was great entertainment from yet ANOTHER Courtney. If I can say one thing about this message board it is to never name a girl Courtney as apparently that has become THE name for girls in 2009 to use to post stupid blathering posts with.

So where was I during all this? Either asleep or mowing my lawn since I only worked an hour today and came home. My day has passed by in a dream and I have no desire to go to work tomorrow, but I will.

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  1. Yearning for Zion Ranch - LOL.
    I lurve you.