Thursday, June 18, 2009


Waking Temp: 97.7 AGAIN for what the fifth day in a row? Sixth? I can't keep up and am too lazy to look.

As I popped off FF to come write this I got the inspiring idea that I would go take my temperature now. Just to make sure my battery wasn't low, I wasn't half way awake without realizing it in the mornings etc. ( I did have a very rough night last night). Temperature: 99.2

WHAT? I'm a very low grade temperature gal. My normal is typically below the standard 98.7. So I'm running a FEVER??

Am I sick? I don't feel sick. Other than having a slight headache, taking a major poop this morning and feeling very hot in the face and flushed, I feel fine.

Yep, further confirmation that my body hates me.

PS. DH got a call from the Director of ITT who is "looking forward to meeting with us on Monday."

PPS. I tried to postpone a client for a day because of the stress I'm under tomorrow with closings that have changed times, and he doesn't want to wait to put an offer in so asked for someone else. I've worked with them for THREE years. I've sold thier house and been helping them find a new one and he can't give me 24 fucking hours after all this time. So being at the whim of my clients, I will meet this jackass tomorrow KNOWING the offer will not get submitted by the other Agent till Monday anyway. Knowing that the bank will not even look at it for a month as the property is not even fully listed and is not on the MLS yet. Knowing that I will resent the fuck out of them but I refuse to lose this piddly amount of money when I have worked for so long with these people. KNOWING that their offer will not be accepted. KNOWING that it will delay me enough that I will not get my paycheck until Monday now. They used to be my favorite clients. They have now cemented themselves in my HATE category.

Great fucking day off. I hate people and I hate my body.

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