Sunday, June 14, 2009

FF, Make up Your Mind

I swear, every time I put a new temperature in, FF changes my O date. I get the whole day 49 to day 50 thing. But Day 51? Really? Come on Now. It would be great for the simple fact we had sex that day, but honestly FF, I'm not buying it. If I ovulated, it was day 49-50. Don't effing TEASE me with hopes of day 51 with corresponding sex. I am NOT in a 2WW. I'm still waiting for this cycle from Hades to be over, AF to show up like a dirty whore late to a truck stop, and start anew.

I've had multiple stressing, mood swings and quite a few break downs. The most recent was Friday night's panic attack because I googled Ectopic symptoms after reading JLT's blog about shoulder pain. Given my recent week of random shoulder pain, clomid cycle from hell etc. I admit to a slight panic attack. Thank you Stephanie for being here to bring me back down to earth.

Should FF be right, then ofcourse I just ovulated and the point would be moot as all the symptoms would have to have stemmed from a much earlier ovulation. Whoever said I was completely sane and in my right mind? Surely, not me!

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