Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Due to all this rain, being late getting things planted, etc. I feel like I haven't followed the steps closely as planned. I did take some updated pictures last night so you can see how much everything has grown though. I'll post them later. Right now I wanted to do a quick review of the steps up to this point.

Tilled Lettuce bed (late start didn't get prepared)
Planted lettuce, cabbage and early tomatoes
Removed weeds
Added manure (let sit for a few days)
Tilled manure and soil to mix
Added 10-10-10 fertilizer just for fun
Two weeks later, deweeded, added more fertilizer and mulched Beans, squash, eggplant.
Planted petunia's around Beans
Four weeks after planting-deweeded, hoed, fertilized cucumbers and peppers and corn.
Staked tomatoes
Picking and eating lettuce at this point.

Updates: Weeds are taking over lettuce bed because it was not properly prepared. Due to the massive amounts of rain we have had, much of my lettuce is already bolting and the bugs and rabbits are destroying my cabbage. I can't keep 7 Dust on it because of the rain.

My cucumbers and squash/zuchini have had to be seperated as they were planted double (by the nursery)and the second plants did not die off. I have lost ONE pepper plant and ONE eggplant due to forces unknown. (My guess is trampling by dogs, rabbits or cats that like to plow through my garden beds willy nilly. RIP little planties.

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