Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I, Robot, that's me

I have turned into a robot. Look at my chart. Since the crazy late ovulation, my temperatures are staying at 97.7. WHAT? maybe its not unheard of but it is a bit odd in my opinion. I'm an up and down kind of temperature girl (look at the previous 50 days if you don't believe me). I knew this cycle was bust. I wish I had never shown any kind of ovulation at all, stupid right ovary. Atleast then I wouldn't be pissed at myself for giving up even though the liklihood of the egg being any good is slim to none. Upside? This time it didn't hurt. So had I ovulated at a normal time, I may have had a chance. Stupid right ovary.

In other news, I worked out last night. I made it through half of what I was doing just a week ago thanks to not working out. It's amazing how fast you lose all your hardwork. I'm not sure if its the work out as I didn't really do anything with my shoulder or the pouring rain and cooling temperatures, but my shoulder is on fire today. I can hardly move it.

It is at the very tip on the bone (which leads me back to my ectopic freak out...no no no, steph slap me). My stress is still way up there. Thanks to my blue tooth I made several calls this morning to attorneys to get the closing ball on the road. I'm going to see what I can get done at lunch today as well. The problem is, lunch time and evenings, people aren't working so I can never get anything done. This is the trouble with the two jobs.

I tried to talk DH into helping me organize the office last night (where I emptied my work office and have to combine it into my home office, things are a bit disorganized at the moment) so I could make sure all my paperwork was together for Friday. He didn't. I love the man but sometimes I want to beat him upside the head. He was being very disagreeable and moody yesterday. I ofcourse was not in the best mood either so who knows.

Stress is still there. I'm just trying to make it through one day at a time. I still don't know where to go or what to do about the whole picture but one step at a time right? (I say that now, but as the day creeps by, my time runs short, the stress sets in). YAY

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