Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day Off My Ass

This is why I hate Days Off. Something always goes wrong. Last night at the meeting with the financial Aid "specialist" at ITT, everything went downhill. The "specialist" was a joke who could not answer a single intelligent question. I despise math and I can run numerical circles around her. When I started spouting figures of loan accruement based on semester costs over a four year span, her face went blank and her response " I don't understand that attitude." Bitch, that is not attitude that is called IQ, something you are obviously lacking even though you work at a college. So ofcourse I did unleash some attitude on her. I kept myself in check but she thought I was a psycho bitch. She literally ran out of her own office and down to the "recruiters" office (who had been some big honcho in the military. I could hear her crying from three doors down. Needless to say, you try to sick some big bad ass (with a used car salesman attitude who wants to placate me and treat me like I'm an idiot) on me, I'm going to unleash the holy hell that is thugbuckin on your ass and completely talk over your head. Which I did (and reduced him to a confused pile of slobbering goo in a Men's Warehouse suit). (I did it all with a Sookie-esque smile plastered across my face and a Southern sugar accent-Yea, I can railroad with the best of them).
If you are going to feed me a line of financial bullshit, you are wasting my time, and you will pay for that. We have an appointment on Monday with the Director and the Dean. This isn't going to be pretty. (and just so we are clear, the poor bastards were getting it from both ends as Stephen was pissed off as well. I was trying not to steam roll over my husband so it ended up being a verbal back and forth where we tag teamed their asses.) They were all glad to see us leave.
I mean seriously, not to sound like an egocentrical bitch, but you put a 20 yo highschool graduate behind a computer screen that takes a Monkey to press some buttons to "tell people what their financial situation is" against a college educated 31 yo Real Estate Broker who eats financial figures for lunch? PUHLEASE. What the hell were they thinking?
So of course last night, in the middle of the night, I'm still rehashing these conversations in my head, creating lines to say to the Director and Dean, formulating my day as I have to deal with closing attorneys, HUD statements etc. All equals out to NO SLEEP. So my day off started slow and drowsy. Nothing has been accomplished and I feel like it was a complete waste of time to take the day off. This is how my days off go. I never have a good productive day off that goes like I want it to.
I'm leaving to get my hair done and a wax. Hopefully that will make me presentable enough to conquer both housework and work work today. Wish me luck. (and if you even think about messing with my money, I would advise you to keep the hell out of my way as Miss S. Johnson learned last night). Rachel, darling, you are right. I am such a bitch, it's a damn good thing you love me anyway..LOL


  1. Well now, at least I know who to call when I want to make a big financial decision!
    "Don't eff with me people, I've got Thugbuckin on my side!"

  2. LOVE it. This story sounds very much like my last car buying experience. We walked out of there getting what we wanted for our trade in and only budged on our monthly payments by $9. LOVE it when I get my way. You KEEP AT IT!