Thursday, June 25, 2009

Clomid Plus Metformin

I am home again today. I toyed with going to work but I just couldn't quite make myself. The worst of it today is having no voice and a scratchy throat. I'm assuming all the puking yesterday really tore up my throat. I could hardly eat yesterday evening and today I can only croak instead of talk. I'm still passing clots but they are smaller and the pain is just cramps: constant aches but nothing more than discomfort. I can handle that. I can handle cleaning myself up every 30 minutes to an hour due to Niagara in my drawers, but I didn't think I could handle sitting at a desk all day being uncomfortable (and that's if I could get any of my pants buttoned around this distended bloat). Thank god for leopard print cotton genie lounge pants that may be out of style and too big but by golly are awesomely comfortable during times like this. (Only over my dead body will you ever see a picture of me in them they are THAT bad).

So today, I'm going to alternate between cleaning my house and laying on a heating pad watching TV. It's 9am and I've already conquered the laundry monster that was in my bedroom.

Thankfully the Dr.'s office called a little before 9am to tell me that they have called in prescriptions for me to Walgreens. They approved the Clomid AND Metformin. I told DH if I was going to do it, then I was going to do it all the way so here we go. I am honestly dreading this but a tiny bit excited that hopefully I will increase my chances. I'm going to hunt down some Pre-conceive as well to improve all odds as much as possible.

I've been told that the clotting issues I have may go away once I have a child. That's just one more plus (as if we really NEED any more positives to having a baby) to push myself to get KTFU. You know, besides the typical biological reasons for wanting one. So despite my previous whining about not doing more drugs, I'm on board for this month atleast.

Thank you girls for your words of comfort and well wishes both on the blog and via text yesterday. It's nice to know that people are thinking about me when I'm feeling that low. Big e-hugs!

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  1. Buckin, I totally wish that I had some solid words of advice because that sounds like a total suckfest.
    I hope you get some rest and are feeling better soon!