Thursday, June 25, 2009

Science Fair 101

Break out your tri-fold foam core boards, it's time for a science Fair project.

Question: Can Buckin conceive a child?

Background Research: Diagnosis of PCOS with proven anovulatory cycles, 2.3 years of TTC without success, 2 cycles of Clomid without success but probable ovulation indicators.

Hypothesis: With the correct combination of drugs, diet and exercise along with the power of prayer and modern scientific tools, we are going to prove that conception can occur.

Experiment tools:
Thermometer- check
Pre-concieve Lubricant-check
FF Graphing capability-Check

Method of experiment: Through a combination of taking a drug cocktail, a two on, one off sexual schedule (or every other day minimum), monitoring of OPK's and BBT's as well as CM while using PCL and FF, we will give optimum possibility for conception which will be proven or disproven not only by FF from BBT but as well as HPT's.

While all this sounds extremely scientific, evidence shows that our chances are merely hopeful at best, but in the spirit of science: let the sex marathon begin. Official start: t-minus 4 days (or when AF goes the eff away).

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