Monday, May 18, 2009


These excruciating cramps in my calves for the past three days have GOT to stop. This is ridiculous and torture beyond what I really need to endure for no reason. KTHXB

Now, in honor of Rachel who always encourages us to be positive, I will abide and write something positive. I didn't win the bid on the car and I have decided this is not a negative thing. While we need the car we dont' HAVE TO HAVE the car and I can use that money to pay bills with so that's a good thing. That will take a bit of the stress off for this week on the whole bill thing and now we can move on instead of holding that money to the side for the car bid. There are always pros and cons to every situation but I will take the pro's and run with it.

As my dear friend Isha has said today, Life is too short and I need to figure out what I can enjoy right now to get through this negativity that is surrounding me because I have NO CONTROL over it. I love both of you girls and can positively thank God for bringing you into my life so maybe he doesn't hate me after all.

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  1. *sobbing* At least I'm happy crying now. Love you.