Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Bright and early in the a.m. what doth greet me? A phone call from supervisor who is out of the country till Tuesday, saying my other co-worker will also be out as he has been selected for jury duty for a trial. I'm all alone, with three people's jobs! Holy hell.

In mid panic, I get another call: My horses are out roaming the neighborhood. I call DH who is closer to the house then I am and he gets off work to take care of it but he's ill about it.

An hour later: another call from my sister. Apparently said neighbor was not satisfied that I would take care of it and called my dad who called my sister. Now the whole family knows my horses got out. I wouldn't be surprised if animal control was called even though within thirty minutes of the original call the horses were safely back in the pasture and happily munching grass. They could not have been out very long because when I left at 7:45 they were in their pasture. I got the phone call at 8:20, DH would have been home by 8:40 at the latest. Thank you for the call neighbor but don't call my family that lives an hour away and can do absolutely nothing to help you busybodied bat.

I was having such a calm day today too before all this. I was excited I had worked out yesterday, was feeling great about everything I've done this week and BAM..right between the eyes. Do you see a pattern here? I do. One day up, one day down. Son of a Bitch. If this continues, I'm going to quit blogging because I'm getting tired of writing the same old thing and I know ya'll are getting tired of reading it.

I have absolutely nothing to report on the baby front. No O in sight, no interesting sexual conquests, no end to this pathetic cycle, nothing. I'm stalled and I totally do not care at this point. The longer it takes for AF to show, the longer I have to put off making a decision about more Clomid.

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