Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Positive, Positive, Positive

Rachel this is for you: I'm positive my life is shit. Okay, just kidding. I was able to do a good job of letting some of the negativity go yesterday. My husband will argue with you I'm sure as he said I had a "bitchy attitude" but I disagree. I was not bitchy, I was aggrivated and pissed off because the pool hose broke and I couldn't read his mind on what he WANTED me to do. (Don't worry little angel baby, mommy and daddy don't really fight, so its safe to enter my ute any time now I promise.)After a quick trip to the store where I vented my frustration via bluetooth to BFF Sarah (thank you darling you always know when I need you to call and yes all the people at Lowes Hardware agree with my husband that I'm a bitch, and crazy to boot), I came home to a charming husband who was joking and kind and improved my mood greatly.

Rewind: Before we worked on the pool (and this proves that I wasn't bitchy) I did the longest treadmill workout to date (since getting the treadmill), worked up a sweat and gritted my teeth through the stupid Charley Horses. Do you know how difficult it is to eat bananas while walking quickly on a treadmill? Surprisingly, its not that easy. I've been told by numerous people that the calf cramps are most likely due to lack of Potassium so I went through two bananas while on the treadmill. It's also interesting to note that increase potassium levels in my family tend to make people mean...its like our dark liquer. We are mean banana eaters. I wonder if this has anything to do with my little pissy episode at the pool. Interesting.

Anyway, we did get quite a bit done on the pool, I got my workout in, fixed dinner, did the dishes, laundry is caught up and I slept like a rock last night. I went to bed sore but accomplished and my mind shut right down and I didn't think about all the client problems etc. It was wonderful. Not so great getting up this morning as I felt like I could have slept for several hours more, but that's okay. I can only hope that today is as productive as yesterday.

Extra Positive for the day: I put on a pair of dresspants I haven't worn in quite awhile as they were a bit tight around the waist and they fit great! WOOT WOOT.

Now if only my body would take a page from Rachel's book of positives and cooperate, my life would be on a more even road.

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  1. I know a couple of people who should NEVER, NEVER, touch tequila again as long as they live...but I've never heard of an angry banana eater, lol!!