Thursday, May 21, 2009

Witty has left the Building

I realize that when I complain, it does not make for pleasant reading. So I apologize. Being an unfunny, lackluster person is something I despise and apparently it is one of my multiple personalities lately. (No I'm not really a pschizo, yes you are, no you're not, STFU). I'm sure you are also tired of reading my happy apologies one day only to be revisited by boring drivel the next. Yea, me too.

Trust me, I want more than anything to be talking about Two week waits, gas bubbles, sonograms, and onesies. I really really do. Unfortunately, I am in one of those UTE STALLS, where my chart is anovulatory with no end in sight. Key up the callypso music, we are in limbo. dun dun dun dun dun DUN, hey! So no discussions of the evil Clomid. No Dr's visits. No possibilities of ovulation or BFP's. No Pee Stick conversations.

Do I continue to write because all of the above is what the blog is about? Or do I just work on my garden blog instead because my entire life is on EFFING HOLD! ::deep breath::

It's my blog, and I'll write if I want to. (anyone? No? you younguns' have no appreciation for good music). So I will continue to blather about the boring mundane things in my life until SOMETHING interesting happens. I promise SOMETHING WILL happen. I refuse to believe it won't happen for me if I have to pay someone to have a baby for me....any takers? Steph did you just raise your hand?


  1. Judy and Johnny just walked through the door, like a queen with her king...oh what a birthday surprise, Judy's wearing his ring...

  2. No problem, love! I would happily carry your baby ;)
    And even before you got to the "It's my blog..." It was already going through my head :)

  3. YESS!! and you both WIN. Great Minds, great minds! and WOOT for a surogate...I'm filing this away for future use!